My etsy shop has been looking quite empty- that is because I am preparing for some big craft shows that are coming up. If you haven't checked out my calender on the side of my blog, it shows all the different events I am participating in.

So last week I actually received two e-mails regarding my lip balms..

I purchased your oatmeal-cookie-monster lip balm about a month or more ago at that flea market in brooklyn. I completely love it. I love that it's not gooey and it keeps my lips moisturized far longer than other lip balms. - Mary

The laundry ate my lip balm. I bought the My Dear Marzipan lip balm outside Prospect Park subway a month or two months ago. Unfortunately it died today in the laundry. Are you located anywhere to buy a new lip balm? I very much enjoyed it and would like to get another. Thank you! - Kellie

I love little e-mails like these! I just put in an order for lip balm flavors.. let me see if I can remember all the flavors that I will have.. Oatmeal Cookie-Monster (all natural), I Have a Dreamsicle (all Natural), My Dear Marzipan (all natural), and ones that need names: Buttercream, Chocolate Cream/Fudge Pop, Courvoisier Brandy, Pomegranate, Peppermint Ice, Chai Tea, & Gingerbread. I tried to get a bit of a variety from foody scents to fruit to mint.. If you have any name ideas, shoot them my way! If I ever use ideas people give me, I send them soap samples ; ).

And about the lip balms, they will be for sale at my fairs and available on etsy probably within 2-3 weeks.

Anyway, I am going to be quite busy these next 2-3 weeks.. I am going out of town for Thanksgiving so that really loses me a lot of needed prep time. I hope I get everything done.. lots on my to-do list! The Holiday Handmade Cavalcade is coming up on the 6th and then BUST the week after!


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