Ready to bring fun back into the bath? Straight from a kitchen in Brooklyn comes Dirty Loves Clean, a handmade bath and beauty line that specializes in using natural and vegan approved ingredients that are good for you, our furry friends, and the environment!

DLC is a one-woman show; I create everything from the soap to the labels and my dear boyfriend helps here and there when needed.

NATURAL means avoiding synthetic 'bad for you' ingredients such as petrochemicals, phthalates, parabens and more.

VEGAN means no animal products are used, including beeswax or honey. And definitely no animal testing!

ECO-FRIENDLY means taking steps to lesson my carbon footprint on the world and in terms of DLC this includes using recycled papers for labels, biodegradable bags for packaging, and trying to source ingredients locally as much as possible.

3 comments :: Welcome!

  1. Oooh how fascinating! I've always been interested in soapmaking :D I'm adding you to my blogroll by the way.

  2. going to add you back!

  3. hey you! awesome post...had fun making soap with you the other day

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