That's right.. I got into Renegade! It will be held this year June 6th and 7th at McCarren Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and I am super excited (although let's cross our fingers for no rain!).

Last year, Renegade was actually the first fair I ever did. While it was a great experience, there was also a torrential downpour among other bouts of rain, and I mean torrential. Our tent ended up coming down on us and pretty much all my labels(products) were ruined because they are wrapped with just paper/ink.

I learned a few things incase of rain..
-Carboard boxes are not a good idea. This year I'll bring some plastic containers for storage.
-Tent walls or even window plastic (the stuff you put over your windows in the winter) are a good idea. It would also be good to have the plastic to throw over your table.
-A more expensive tent is worth it. This year I bought an EZ up tent and I am hoping it works out well.

I have to figure out how I am going to set up my table this year, but it should be an improvement from last when I was using cookie cooling racks.

DLC 1st craft show 005

Here is a set of me last year at Renegade. This year I am sharing a tent with fellow friend and Greenpointer, Jen of Peppersprouts. We also shared at BUST- I love her coasters and shadow boxes and pretty much everything she does.

Well that is all- I am just really excited. I remember last year, even though I was completely drained from the sun, not eating, rain, standing, selling, etc, there was so much energy & enthusiasm from the vendors and people shopping around that infused into me. It's a good time all around!


  1. Awesome! Congrats! I was accepted this year too. I've done indoor shows before, but this is my first outdoor one. Lots to think about in terms of setup. Excited!

  2. awesome! the main thing with outdoors is to prepare for rain (like explained in this post, haha) So a good tent and waterproof storage is a good bet. Also other elements like wind/heat can be an issue.. see you there ; )

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