I'm back from my trip to Delaware-- My boyfriend's Mother asked me to make some baby powder scented soaps for the arrival of her grandchild, Brody. I came up with the concept, "IT'S A BRODY". I also scented some sachet beads and put into muslin bags which we stamped with his name and a cute little foot print. We added baby foot print ribbon to the soaps and put them into plastic bags which we tied with raffia. The end results were placed into a basket, great around Easter time, which the Mother can keep by her door and give out to guests.

I had fun with these and definitely plan on offering favors (soaps/packages), if anyone is interested, feel free to contact me dirtylovesclean @ gmail.com.


  1. These are adorable! I love the packaging and the whole overall presentation. I'm sure you will have oodles of people needing your services for party favors. Thanks for sharing!


  2. thanks for your positive feedback ; )

  3. what an amazing idea for a favor! people always give away the most un useful things. this is awesome!

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