I mentioned briefly about my collaboration with Charlie & Sarah. Basically we are doing a line of soaps together that have an 'English theme' to them. So far we have made a sea salt clean laundry scent soap and a green tea/cucumber scent. Names are still a work in progress..

Here are some shots from our first soap making endeavor!

c&s 001

We tried out these new molds we bought.. but I am not sure how I feel about them. They are sharp on the edges and the soap gets stuck to the sides.. don't think that is supposed to happen, but it might be because our recipe is based on 15% butters, causing it to be softer and stickier before drying.

Here we are mixing the soap in our big (huge!) new pot.

c&s 005

Pouring into the molds..

c&s 008

Making 'waves' with a chopstick.

c&s 015

And lastly, sprinkling the top with sea salt..

c&s 016

The rest of the set.


  1. I have those molds and I had the same issues. I bought them so I wouldn't have to line my molds, but, I still do. I line them and they work like a charm.

    There is a great video that I found that changed my lining life and now it is easy as pie!

  2. yeah it's annoying! I use my cutter and have to cut them from the sides. I like my wooden mold with the soft foamy side inserts because I dont have to line them, But I guess I'll have to line these.
    Do you still think theyre better than wood molds- because he said we could return them

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