I just added a bunch of lip balms to etsy! Check them out. I actually don't really have any soaps to put up (besides one) because I was planning on giving some away as gifts, so it'll be a month or so before I have more-- just keep checking the blog! ; )

8 comments :: LIP BALMS GALORE!

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  2. hey its unicornz! i am so glad to hear your company is doing well & of course i would love a lip balm! i think my e-mail address is provided with this comment. uhh and i guess my flavor of choice would be gingerbread man :).

  3. Hello! I'm from staysassy. Can I please have a Melt My Ice lip balm? I'm from Canada so if you need $ for shipping I can paypal it to you. Thanks so much!

    (ps my lj name is shesbad)

  4. robin smillie at gmail dot com

  5. oh i guess my e-mail isn't so obvs. it's :)

  6. I want Frosting the Snowman, perfect name!


  7. I forgot to include my email!

  8. hay! also glad to see the evolution of your company and products.... i'd love a melt my ice lipbalm.... if the spaces aren't yet filled.

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