Here are a couple shots from BUST yesterday. I will post more later! I did well, sold out of a bunch! I actually don't have enough stock for Lyceum this coming weekend, so I am canceling. I will put the remaining stock on etsy asap.

3 comments :: BUST CRAFTACULAR DECEMBER 14th, 2008

  1. OMG I was coming to Lyceum to buy a bunch more!! I live in Bklyn - can I come meet up with you somewhere before Xmas to skip the shipping mess and stock up in person? I want like 9 more bars! I'm having a hard time parting with the ones I bought as gifts . . .

  2. haha aww, sorry!, I would totally be there next weekend but I just really don't have enough stock left. Were there any particular soaps you were looking for?, because I don't have much left.. from memory I know I have some Frankincense & Myrhh, Soap sampler sets(I have a couple different versions), and some others I was going to give to family and trying to sort out, but might be able to give to you.. crackling firewood, o christmas tree, snowball fight, amaretto coffee, spiced eggnog, pumpkin spice (no fragrance, has oats scent)..

  3. your soaps are beautiful! and i love the way you've packaged them. i'm working on packaging for my soap now and it's tough to make all those decisions. well done! i hope you make good money this holiday season.

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