My ~Craft Fair Weekend~

So this weekend I had my third and forth craft fairs. Artmart 11225 in the Prospect Park area of Brooklyn was set up on a street (construction area as our backdrop) near some major subway lines which brought in a decent amount of foot traffic. In terms of a "cheaper" craft fair, the initial cost was free for me because I shared my table and chairs with my friend Laura. However- there are always other costs associated, and in this case, taking a car service was pretty necessary. Having a car and doing craft fairs would make my life so much easier (for now, I stuff everything into a suitcase)- but then there are car payments, insurance, gas, and all that fun stuff. We had a little sprinkle of rain earlier in the morning, but luckily it stopped (I was having memories of the torrential downpour we encountered at Renegade which ruined basically all of my items). And my sales.. well, they were alright. I went a few hours without selling any soaps, but that picked up a bit later in the day. I'm not sure that the area was really my target market/customer, so in the future I'll have to decide if I want to sell at Artmart again.

Then there was the Brooklyn Flea on Sunday. For this I shared a tent/table area with a group I am in called the newnew. This also happened to be the day of a huge craft fair called Atlantic Antic (which I did not find out about until it was too late to sign up).. and maybe that was the reason that the Flea was oddly low in customers. The morning was also raining quite a bit and you can imagine my surprise as I had been checking the weather daily and even the night before, it was not supposed to rain. Well, I ventured out regardless, as not to let down my ~team~ (or waste any $$) with my non-waterproof suitcase full of soap and supplies to the subway at 7am. I had to have help carrying the heavy thing up the subway station stairs, so I'm thinking less is more for the future. I'm also thinking I need a waterproof suitcase. At the Flea I did decent, but not as good as I would have hoped. The majority of items being sold at the Flea were 'flea' type items, and our tent was probably the only craft/handmade items tent there (with everyone else probably at Antic). However, I'm giving the Flea another chance this Sunday and then after that.. I think the weather might be a bit too cold for my liking/sitting out in ; ).

8/12/08: Come see me at the Brooklyn Flea located in Fort Greene
at 176 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY

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  1. wow, i haven't even thought about how the cold weather will effect a person's willingness to do craft fairs. maybe one will come at a time when it's not too unbearable

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