Selling @ 5th Ave

The morning started off pretty hellish for lack of better term. We actually took a car instead of trying to lug everything on the subway; it was just too many things for 2 sets of arms. But- I didn't understand where my spot was, so we drove to the wrong place. Then I told him to just bring me to 5th ave and not knowing how long the fair went on down 5th ave, had him drop us off (since he was probably already annoyed with me). I tipped him extra, only to be stuck at the opposite end that we needed to be at. I hadn't packed in a very carry-able way since we had the car, so Jared ending up dumping all my inventory onto the street as he struggled to carry too many heavy things. BUT we made it, with maybe 10 mins to the fair's opening.

It was a chilly day, the foot traffic was decent, but my sales weren't as high as I hoped. Regardless, it was a fun experience.

I'm a little awkward in the beginning of this video because I did not want to be filmed eating! but here is a little clip of me at the 5th Ave Fair, sharing a spot with Felicity of Wish By Felicity:

Untitled from Michelle Stasha on Vimeo.

& Jared getting ~sunwashed~:

Untitled from Michelle Stasha on Vimeo.

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