Go Green Greenpoint Fair Recap

+ It didn't rain and wasn't as cold as the weather said a week prior (As I was checking compulsively)

- It was pretty windy in the morning

+ It warmed up later in the day

Enough about weather.

+ We (boyfriend slave and I) could walk there, even though I made my boyfriend take 2..or more, extra trips to get me things we couldn't carry the first time or something I forgot.

- It was in a parking lot. Originally it was supposed to be in the park, but I heard something about construction and them not being able to get that spot. Well, it was news to me when I got the map that it wasn't in the park, and even though I live close to the park, I didn't realize until I got there that it was actually *behind* this huge high school (the front which faces the park). The park gets a good amount of foot traffic and people usually walk by on their way from Williamsburg to Greenpoint, but because we were behind the school, we were somewhat out of the way and not visible. I think this resulted in a lower than expected amount of foot traffic. I actually went a couple hours with only one sale (from a friend) but it picked up a little later in the day. Overall though, very slow for sales.

- While I was close to the entrance gate, I was across from some dumpsters(although they didn't smell, they were recycling dumpsters I believe), a loud band, generator, and say hello to Mr. Sausage in the images below.

+My tent was pretty easy to set up
(Questions for craft fair veterans- best way to weight down my tent and also where can I get tent walls in case of rain?)

+/-? My boothmate didn't show up so I moved my table in the front

+ I was next to Sarah and Karin, fellow NewNewer's, and invited Sarah's son to play and keep me company in my tent since there was some down time.

+ I have merch ready for upcoming shows, so even if I didn't sell a lot yesterday, it's ready to sell! I am going to take some pictures as soon as I can(most likely the weekend when I get a full day of sunlight) to get some of my products online. It's been awhile since I've had much of anything on there, Although I did add the lip balms I made for the show to etsy today.

I also made/introduced some new products, created so I'd have more variety at the show-- scent sachet bags, one with peppermint leaves and one with lavender buds, a bath soak set including one bag of colloidal oatmeal and one bath tea soaks with herbs and sea salt, as well as green tea scented bath salts in tubes. Perfect for Mother's Day gifts.

Oh! and the best seller? McCarren Park soap- although I'm not positive if it was the scent, the name, or both. I'm guessing both. I definitely had someone buy one without even smelling it.

Next up is Prospect Park Fair on May 9th. http://www.geocities.com/parkcraft/

Images of the Greenpoint fair below:











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  1. It still looks cool despite the fact you didn't do a huge volume in sales. Your booth looked great!

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