What is new on my etsy shop? I added some nice soap/bathroom accessories! A sisal bag and soap dish . These make great additions for gifts. Let me know and I will wrap with a ribbon and gift tag.

Here modeling the accessories is my new Charlie & Sarah English line soap: Tea & Cucumber

Sisal Bag

Sisal is a natural plant fiber from the agave plant. It is valued for its strength, durability, and ability to stretch.

This natural sisal bag with drawstring is a great place to store and dry your favorite soap - whether it's a brand new bar, or you're down to the last small sliver of a bar.

Insert your soap bar into the bag and use with water. The sisal bag will extend the lather and therefore conserve your soap even further. It feels great cleaning, exfoliating and reviving your skin!

After using, rinse the bag and store in a dry, airy place until your next use. Depending on where you hang this bag, your soap may dry well enough inside that you do not need to use a soap dish.

A great sustainable product, no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are normally used in its production. This item is compostable when it becomes worn out.


Letting your soap sit in water will cause it to melt faster-- A soap dish is essential for getting the most life out of your handmade soap! This wooden soap dish with slots is the perfect decorative solution to give your soap the love and care it needs ; ).

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  1. I love my soap bag! When my bars of soap (I usually have several different bars in use at any given time) get down to little slivers, I put them in the bag. I loop the handle back on itself to hang it from my wire shower shelf, so it dries nicely between uses.

    I really love that I can easily use up every last bit of soap now. I use to try to smash the old slivers into the new bar of soap, but that wasn't always very successful. lol

    The only problem is that my 2-year-old is always opening the bag and trying to take out all the little pieces of soap! lol

  2. great, I am glad you like it! I agree, it's perfect for the last little bits that are hard to use with your hands alone.

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