..Awhile since I last posted. Not much has been going on with my business.. to be honest, I'm just too tired after my day job & just want to keep relaxing ; ). I did make a couple soaps for Valentines, and I will hopefully become unlazy and make labels for them and put them on etsy this weekend!

Expect Victoriana- an english tea rose scent and Sex on the Beach- like the drink, a sweet blend of peach schnapps, cranberry juice, orange juice, and pineapple juice, reminiscent of pixie stix/smarties.

I am also happy to announce a couple partnerships I am going to undertake.. 1. I am making cameo soaps (most likely with the victoriana scent, maybe some bergamot as well) and May Luk is creating a victorian-esque soap dish for it. I really love love her ceramics.

I am also doing an english themed line with Charlie and Sarah. They make cute clothing, accessories, and such, with british words. We are going to try and stick to the theme.. soap style of course!

So, now is time to get busy!

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  1. Tell Charlie to get the suds in!

  2. I definitely feel you on not being able to blog after your day job.But isn't that what weekends are for. :)

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