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This is Katie, Dirty Loves Clean's copywriter! I live in Atlanta and am an editor at a children's book publisher for a living. I love writing for Dirty Loves Clean because I love supporting homegrown businesses that emphasize eco-friendly business practices.

To put us in the holiday mood, I am going to be reviewing 6 of DLC's holiday soaps this week. Today I got hot and soapy with Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice (the unscented version).

This is actually the first time I have used a DLC soap and I am honestly in love. This soap is fragrance-free but has a subtle sweet and oaty smell that comes naturally from the pumpkin puree and organic oats. The blend of oils made my skin feel instantly softer, and the scrubby oats gave me a good exfoliatin'. I worked up a good lather and stepped out of my shower with soft, smooth skin, smelling just faintly of a bowl of pumpkin oatmeal.

I am so excited to try Hello Cupcake tomorrow morning!

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