A little late.. but I wanted to do a Halloween post to show off a few things.. first, a melt and pour soap project. I have only made melt and pour soap a couple times, so these did not come out perfect, but I was just making them for friends and family ; ). I scented them with an awesome pumpkin spice fragrance (which was not as spicy as the fragrance I used for my cold-process soap, and dare I say, I like it better personally) and put in cute glow-in-the-dark Halloween themed duckies. The end result looks a bit like a kindergarten project, but those are my favorite kind.

I also used a stencil to decorate some envelopes and Jared made a card with a drawing/design of his, and a silly picture of us holding a heart carved pumpkin. I wanted to send a picture because we don't see our families much at all, and (some of them) like to put our pictures on their fridges, haha. Sadly Jared and I did not do a big pumpkin carving thing this year. Everything has been getting pushed to the side because of all the work he has been doing, but now that he is done with two of his main projects, he's been able to sit on the couch with me (and sew his plushes, another project for an art show) while I am lazy and watch tv ; )

Also wanted to show off some Halloween themed cupcakes- at least I got to participate in a couple crafty Halloween things even if we didn't carve pumpkins together (The heart pumpkin was carved by me very quickly before he came home from work so that we could get the cards out). One thing I love about making soap is that it brings back more of the joy of holidays to me.. I like to do holiday-themed soaps and since they have to be made at least a month in advance, I am feeling very holiday-ey lately (I'm sure there is a better word for that).

Jared and I of course waited till the last (couple of days) to decide what to be for Halloween.. so we went with something easy-- red riding hood & the wolf. I wanted to be a little more *unique*, so I decided we should be fancier. I think that came through more with Jared's outfit- but then again, someone on the train thought he was Michael J Fox from Teen Wolf, haha. We thought simple and easy, so all he bought were some ears, fang teeth (which he wore on the bottom instead of top), and some gloves which he sewed fake black fur to. He works near some fabric stores in the city, so he bought me fabric for my cape and even sewed it for me! This picture does not do it much justice, but he actually sewed it as a circle and added a hood. I forced him to try using the sewing machine and he is happy he did, although he's still hand sewing small pieces right now actually (on to some neat plushes he is making) but I'm sure he'll start using the sewing machine for everything soon enough. I told him it'll be his job to hem our (future) kid's clothing someday ; ).

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