So I applied to the BUST-Holiday-Craftacular and will find out in mid November if I get it.. If I do, I am sharing a booth area with another girl, but my fee is still quite expensive ($150 for the day) for I believe 4ft of space. With my products averaging $5-- I will have to sell *a lot* to even surpass the cost, but I'm thinking it's worth it.

Last BUST Craftacular had people lining up outside around the corner waiting to get in. Basically everyone comes to do holiday shopping, and my soaps just happen to be perfect for that~. It is also around the same time as the HHC, which will also cost me a good amount, but I am really hoping to do both. AND there is the Hearts & Crafts in Greenpoint (yay only 2 blocks away). Maybe I'm having craft fair fever.. hopefully it's not too draining. I've gotta make lots more soaps ASAP!

Also- BUST featured me on their main page!! (I should have wrote a better bio thing haha)

It's only gotten be 64 visits so far, but whatev, that is 64 people.. come on more hits..
I'm actually semi embarrassed about my website right now though. I really need to update it and make it nicer!

Oh p.s. I am in the process of adding my new soaps to etsy & adding new images to old soap listings. I actually started my first "grown-up" job on Thursday (finally! I graduated this past spring) so my schedule is not as open as it once was, but I am hoping to finish this weekend.

1 comments :: YAY BUST!

  1. Congratulations on the Bust feature! I hope you get into the Craftacular. I don't think you will have ANY problem making your $150 back + profit! :)

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