Another Monday, Another {NewNew} Giveaway!

Each and Every Monday The {NewNew} York Etsy team has a give-away and this Monday they are giving away a pair of Mosaic Dot Earings from Salt and Paper.

These earrings are part of her new dot mosaic collection. They bring me back to my childhood when I always wanted to make neat little things with polymer clay--but my sister was way better at it ; ) Her main talent was making my Barbies cute little food.

Natalie Wedeking is the Brooklyn-based designer/craftsperson behind Salt & Paper. She is inspired by mostly non-jewelry things: good package design, poster art, old marimekko patterns, William Morris wallpapers, scandinavian folk art, prefab housing, old book covers, vintage signage - pretty much anything made before 1975. In real life she is a graphic/package designer and the things she loves in graphic design - flat color, patterning, unusual color combinations - show up in her jewelry work. Natalie particularly likes to work in polymer clay, which gives her an opportunity to make completely unique jewelry elements from scratch. The medium lends itself to abstract florals and flat, graphic patterns like woodgrain. She layers it almost like paint, often very precisely and geometrically, but in flattening and finishing a piece, the nature of the clay takes over and the end results are unpredictable and very interesting.

2 comments :: Another Monday, Another {NewNew} Giveaway!

  1. Cute story about your sister always being better at polymer clay. Why don't you get back at her by making some really great polymer clay beads and not telling her you learned how from me!

  2. I was the same, always wanted to be talented with the polymer clay. I'm always impressed with what people can do with it. I'm no good with the stuff by my 12 yr old is fab.

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